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About Us

Brooke Harlan
Owner and CEO

Owner and Bail Agent of BROOKE'S Bail Bonding, Brooke is from Nashville TN.  Brooke has been in the bail bonds industry for over 20 years.

Miss Brooke is a Licensed Bail Bond Agent and a Certified Transformational Life Coach.


"I believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and therefore should be entitled to the right to make a bail bond, also known as your 8th amendment right. I am passionate about reuniting people with their families." 

Channing Harlan 

Preceding his wife in death:

May 1980 - October 2017

Click to hear Channing's Song 

Curtis Hager
Licensed Bail Bond Agent
Curits is a licensed bail bond agent and recovery agent for BROOKE'S Bonding in Nashville, TN and surrounding counties.
Ronald Fairs 
Licensed Bail Bond Agent


Tanya Mayhew  
Licensed Bail Bond Agent
Michael Evitts
Licensed Bail Bond Agent

Dr. Nakeda Burrow
Licensed Bail Bond Agent


Alisha Ridley
Licensed Bail Bond Agent
Elisha Gregory Tomlinson
Licensed Bail Bond Agent

Elisha is a Bail Agent for BROOKE'S Bonding in Nashville TN. She has lived in Nashville her whole life and enjoys working with people. She had been in the bail industry for 23 years. 


Dallas Jackson 
Licensed Bail Bond Agent


Dallas Jackson is a bail/recovery agent for BROOKE'S Bonding, Nashville, TN.  Dallas is from White House, TN and has lived there is entire life.  He comes from a family of bail agents.

Dezaree Henson 
Licensed Bail Bond Agent


Jennifer Frazier 
Account Manager


Nicole Hager 
Licensed Bail Bond Agent
Nicole is a licensed bail bond agent for BROOKE'S Bonding in Nashville, TN and surrounding counties.


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